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Introducing the Cosmo Green Program

  • Our commitment to the Environment.

    With the global warming reaching alarming levels, sustainability and environmental policies have moved to the forefront of the hospitality and tourism development. Being socially responsible, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Dubai is committed to integrate leadership environmental practices and sustainability principles into its business strategy by implementing the Cosmo Green Program.

    The Cosmo Green Program intends to pursue environmental preservation and economical management policies to reduce energy, carbon emission and resource impacts on one hand and to increase the awareness among its guests and partners on potential actions towards environmental protection.

    Much could be saved in one night…..How can you contribute?

    • In line with normal practice, we recommend you set the AC temperature to 24°C when in the room and to switch it off before leaving the room.
    • We invite you to remove the key card from the energy saving device, each time you leave your room and to switch off any device not in use.
    • All toilets are equipped with a dual flush system linked to a small and large water tank. Kindly use the appropriate one.
    • To help us save on water consumption, we invite you to use your linen (bed sheets and towels) for several days. If this is acceptable to you, kindly place the "Cosmo Green Program" card on the bed and hang your towels in the bathroom. Otherwise, just keep your towels in the bathtub.
    • When getting around the city, we recommend you use the highly sophisticated, safe, and practical Dubai Metro. This will assist the authorities’ efforts to reduce the emission of carbon.

    “We did not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we are only borrowing it from our children”.